tommy asher

Tommy is a drifter. He never expected to wind up on the bottom rung of life’s ladder, strung out and hopeless. When Roger Chang, a card sharp turned nightclub owner , offers Tommy a way out and up, he takes it, no questions asked. 

Tommy has a life and a job thanks to Mr. Chang, but it’s far from perfect. He’s on display  at Chang’s gay nightclub as a lean, shirtless piece of eye candy. Chang treats him like a virtual slave and expects far more of him than tending bar. 

When Grayson Sinclair shows up one night with Dion on his arm, Tommy suspects he’s after more than a good time with a beautiful man. As the evening goes on, things turn dark, and Tommy is summoned to the club’s private room on the third floor.  

He knows what he’s supposed to do, and he knows what it will do to Dion’s life. Can Tommy go through with it? Or can he find the courage to stand up to Grayson and Mr. Chang?