Kenji is a quiet man who works his body hard at the gym and at his construction job as a pipe fitter. Physical exertion is how he processes his feelings, which he keeps to himself. But Dion, his partner, found a way into his heart. Kenji wants to confess his love for Dion but doesn’t know how.

Then Grayson Sinclair, Dion’s university schoolmate, enters the picture. Kenji watches Grayson come on to Dion at a dinner, and it leads to a fight between them. Dion storms out, and Kenji leaves to figure out what to do. When he finally finds the courage to face Dion, he returns to an empty apartment. He has no idea where Dion could be.

Now Kenji must search for the man he loves. Has Dion rejected him? What can Kenji say to win him back?