grayson sinclair

Grayson was born well off. He’s ambitious, smart, and good-looking, and he knows it too. He wants power over other men to combat the abuse he suffered from his father in childhood. When he meets Dion at the University of Chicago, he knows he’s found a catch he has to add to his collection of men to dominate.

Grayson befriends Dion. One night Dion invites him to dinner, and Grayson seizes the opportunity to flirt with him, coming on strong. He gets what he wants: a lover’s quarrel between Dion and his partner, Kenji. Little by little, one step at a time, Grayson leads Dion down a road he never thought he’d travel.

What does Grayson have planned for Dion? And what, if anything, can Kenji do about it?