Dion Bellamy

Dion’s a looker. Long hair, lean body, luscious, touchable skin. He lives with his partner, Kenji, a quiet, hard-working man who loves him. Yet in spite of his beauty and Kenji’s love for him, on the inside, Dion is anything but confident in himself.

When he and Kenji fight, Grayson Sinclair, an oversexed playboy, makes his move on Dion. He wins Dion’s trust, comforts him in the wake of Kenji’s disappearance, and leads him step by step down a road Dion never imagined he’d travel.

One thing leads to another, and before he knows it, Dion is out of control. Grayson gets him drunk, slips him some Ecstasy, and somehow Dion finds himself on his knees in a circle of men in a sex club.

How do you save yourself when you don’t know how you got there? And how can Dion keep himself from being sucked into a life of prostitution?