roger chang

Roger Chang had big plans for himself, but they went sideways when he had to quit the professional poker circuit moments before he was kicked out. He landed on his feet and worked his way up again, this time as the owner of a gay nightclub he won in an off-book game with a foolish rich man. 

Chang wants only the best, and he’ll stop at nothing to get it. And that makes him the perfect tool for Grayson Sinclair to use. Grayson plays him smoothly, and before he knows it, Chang is running a sex club on the third floor of his popular gay bar. 

When Grayson shows up with the beautiful Dion in tow, Chang knows the time has come to make a decision. Will he let Grayson take the club—and Dion—into the dark, underground waters of illicit prostitution? And does he have a choice any longer?